adventures in unschooling

The Thief Lord By Cornelia Funke


Cassius got The Thief Lord audio book out of the library a few weeks ago and has listened to it non-stop ever since. I mean non-stop, even I have it memorized. I have to admit it crossed my mind that perhaps listening to the same story day after day was a waste of time. I suggested the other day that we go and buy the book since he enjoyed the story so much.

As soon as we got back to the car he took the book out and read the first chapter out loud – fluently! The last thing he had read to me before this was Dr.Suess, anything harder he was intimidated by. He wasn’t intimidated by The Thief Lord because he had heard all the words already. There are lots of Italian words and other tricky vocabulary that he otherwise wouldn’t have the confidence to guess at.So far he has read me four chapters. The writing is beautiful and Cassius reads it very theatrically. It’s amazing how in one year he went from not reading to reading novels. He’s very proud of himself and I’m very happy for him. And I thought he was wasting time!

Oh yeah – and the story takes place in Venice so we spent an hour researching all the locations on the internet. We even found a real picture of the bridge on the cover!

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