adventures in unschooling



Cassius loves comicbooks. They have really helped his reading skills and his money skills. Comics are a good for beginner readers because lots of the bubbles have large print sizes and  simple words in them. There are lots of visual clues and you don’t need to be able to read everything to enjoy the story. Cassius started off by reading the POWS! & BANGS!

Kids love to collect things. Cassius started collecting comicbooks and all of a sudden money had value and meaning to him. He’s gone into the comic shop on his own three times. The second time he tried to buy something he didn’t have enough money for – so he was reluctant to go by himself again. Paris was asleep in the car so I said, “Here let me explain it to you?”.  He had $15 dollars so I explained that as long as the numbers before the decimal point added up to $10 he should have enough money. (Not necessarily true I realize now – but oh well). I wrote some examples on a card of what he might see on the price tag. I’ve tried to explain money to him a thousand times and he’s never got it. Motivation makes such a big difference. He said, “Let me take that card with me,”and came back with a comic for $9.75!

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