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The Noble Knights of Knowledge


The Noble Knights of Knowledge is a math program Cassius enjoys using. It uses stories and characters to teach four years of math concepts. Cassius loves stories so this approach really works for him. We only do one or two chapters a month, but Cassius thinks about it constantly in between. He will say things out of nowhere like, “That’s why the Lord of the Minus Subtract Takeaway Treelands is always losing things! When you minus something you take it away!”. As he’s falling asleep he often asks me to talk about numbers with him. He wants me to quiz him – but all the questions have to have the same answer. This program really stresses there are lots of ways to get to the same answer.

The one weekness of this program is also it’s strength – The beautiful glass manipulatives. You can either just use the pieces of cardboard with photocopied pictures of beads on them, or assemble the thousands of beads yourself. I glued the beads onto the pieces of cardboard which took some time. Unfortunatly Cassius’ little brother got a hold of them. One toss and all the beads fell apart! I’m planning on cutting pieces of wood and gluing the beads to them with better glue – some day.


One response

  1. Lisa McCarville

    Wish this curriculum was still available. I would even buy it used. Can’t find it anywhere. It just looks awesome!

    July 31, 2013 at 7:52 pm

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