adventures in unschooling

First Lost Tooth

Cassius lost his first tooth this week! He put it under his pillow but the tooth-fairy didn’t come. (oops). We thought perhaps she had trouble finding it, after all it was just a very small baby tooth. We decided to make a little bag to put it in so it would be easier to find.  I cut out a small  piece of blue velvet and Cassius sewed it together on the sewing machine. What do you know, the tooth-fairy finally made an appearance, and that bag  was the perfect size for a five dollar bill.

One response

  1. tiffani

    as an experienced tooth fairy, let me suggest keeping a stash of 5 dollar bills somewhere safe, or at least have one in a safe place at all times, so when a tooth falls out while brushing before bed, you’ll have tooth fairy money — we’ve had to scramble for change more than once, and also had the tooth fairy just not show up on a few occasions too — she gets busy, I think. In our house, each tooth gets a twoonie, but teeth with fillings will get more — that was an attempt to sweeten the deal when lucy needed her first filling : ).

    September 6, 2007 at 4:16 am

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