adventures in unschooling

Chicken Math

A 7 year old boy travels 1hr on 2 buses and walks 15 minutes down a road. He comes to a farm with 90 chickens, divided into 2 chicken runs? There are 51 chickens in the red coop and 39 in the green coop. It’s a sunny day and it takes the boy 1 hour to collect all the eggs and feed the chickens. It then takes 1/2 hour to wash, dry and sort the eggs. He fills 5 1/2 cartons. There are 2 cracked eggs left over. The boy, his 2 year old brother, and his mother, then sit in the shade and eat 3 cups of blueberries. How many eggs did the boy collect?

Who knew chickens were math?!


One response

  1. Erica

    Hey Jasmine –
    I just found your blog, and enjoyed reading through it. I’ll have to set Kea’s up soon, what a great way to share ideas and inspirations! But I think the blog will have to wait until the end of Sept. when we’re back from Hornby! I’ll let you know when we set it up….

    August 21, 2007 at 3:14 am

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