adventures in unschooling

Knight Camp


For about six weeks this summer we barely left the house. We didn’t have a car and Tyler (Dad) was working long hours. Cassius spent all all day up on his loft bed (out of his brother’s reach) reading and building Lego. It was a nice break, but when the opportunity to go to Knight camp at Acedemie Duello came up Cassius jumped at it.

The camp ran Monday to Friday 10-3:30. This was the longest class Cassius has ever taken and the closest thing timewise to school, so I was wondering how he would find it. He loved it. “It was Awesome!” was his exact opinion. He did really well too, considering the age range was 7-14 and he was one of the youngest. I took fencing in theatre school, and found that it took a lot of concentration and could be quite tedious, so I was really proud a t how hard he worked.

The teachers worked the kids really hard too, and Cassius came home everyday tired and sweaty. He learned the art of Sword and Shield, Longsword and Wrestling. Everyday they focused on a different knightly virtue, such as of chivalry, fairness, and generosity. They also learned midevil games and history.

We are trying to set up a weekly homelearners class for the Fall and really looking forward to it.

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