adventures in unschooling

Paris Pours


Paris loves to pour things out. He’ll spend hours pouring water at the sink. I spend all day stopping him from going into the fridge to pour out the milk. He poured out an entire bottle of rosewater last week and I had a horrible headache for the rest of the day. He has poured a glass of cold water on his sleeping Dad more than once.

He has poured out at least $100 in bath products; shampoo, soap, massage oil. He can reach everything and gets through all the baby locks.

He acts all innocent too and everyday I fall for it. He takes the lid off the juice and pours just a little bit, very tidily, and puts it back in the fridge. He sits there with a look on his face that says ” I could never spill a drop – how could you ever suggest such a thing. But as soon as I turn my back on him he dumps it,with a big satisfied smile on his face. If I try to pour him a drink myself or use a sippy cup he throws himself on the floor and cries like his heart has broken.


Did I mention he flooded the entire kitchen by plugging the sink and turning the water on full blast. I was upstairs for five minutes and when I can down water was creeping down the hall into the living room.

Why do I give in and let him pour his own drinks you ask? Why don’t I insist he stay away from all liquid and receptacles? (Not that I could stop him if a I tried – and believe me I do try.) The reason is that, besides the fact that he gets pleasure out of being naughty, pouring seems to be very important to him. He goes out of his way to do it and gets very upset when he can’t do it. I suspect one day, when he is a small dam designer, we will look back and say – ” It all makes sense – that’s why you did all that pouring!” Maybe we won’t, but I know he is learning something valuable even if I don’t know exactly what it is.

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