adventures in unschooling


Cassius likes to create characters and stories for movies he would like to make. The following is some notes he dictated to me about a character he calls “Earth”:

  • His eyes look like the earth and he can turn them all the way around. He causes the actual Earth to turn by turning his eyes. When people look at him a lot he blinks so they notice his eyes turning.
  • He can transform into different animals – but he must act like that animal
  • He has long black hair.
  • He is as old as the earth, and actually created the earth, but looks like a teenager.
  • He controls the weather. He can blow a storm out of his mouth.
  • When he is angry there is a hurricane in the world. If he sad, it rains. When he’s happy, it’s sunny. When he’s in a bad mood it’s cloudy. When he’s sad and mad, there is a cyclone. When he is sad, mad, angry, and grumpy all at once you definitely don’t want to be around him because it’s crazy.

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