adventures in unschooling


Lately we have acquired two microscopes. A small mirror one & a larger electric one. We experimented with both of them and definitely prefer the electric one. We are dreaming of getting a digital one that show the image on your computer screen

We have the microscopes set up permanently and Cassius often takes a look at things he’s found out side. Cassius has assembles quite a collection of bees,hives and butterfly wings. We’ve found that the smaller and flatter we make things the easier they are to see. Human hair has worked well. We would be like to be able to see even closer then we can (not all the lenses work so we have limited choice.)

We have been using this book which I recommend:


We did the first activity where you make your own microscope with a piece of board with a hole in it, plastic & a drop of water. It worked!

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