adventures in unschooling

Ten Cats

Cassius announced that he wanted to practice drawing so that he would get good at it. He copied a picture of Garfield’s face from one of his comic-books. He did it the exact same size as the one in the book so it was very small. He then suggested that we scan it and blow it up. He thought it would look better bigger and if we made it big enough he wanted to make a mask out it.

We blew it up and it was all pixely and blurry. He went into a frustrated tirade about how he was horrible at drawing and was never drawing again etc. He is very hard on himself if he’s not perfect the first time.

I said, “You said you wanted to practice – drawing one little drawing is not practicing – until I see ten cats I don’t want to talk about how horrible you are at drawing. ”

He was so upset I didn’t think he would go for it, but within an hour I had ten cats in front of me and a happy boy. He had to agree they got better as he went along. (He had to figuring out how many more he had to draw also – Garfield Math!)

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