adventures in unschooling

Cassius Bounces for Funny Learning

Cassius bounces and walks around in circles when he’s happy. He bounces especially high when he finds something funny. He’s done it since he was born. I remember watching a Buster Keaton movie at the Art Gallery with him when he was three. When it got to a chase scene he started jumping like crazy and laughing his head off. Everyone was laughing at him – especially at the end when he looked at me and said “I think I pooped my pants!” Now that’s a funny film.

The reason I mention this, is that Cassius is VERY interested in things that he finds funny, and what he’s interested in, is what he learns.  Funny motivates him to learn when nothing else will. He’s read his kids joke book out loud to me three times! He copies jokes out of the book by hand to give to people. He’s really enjoying his the Spongebob typing CDROM, because he thinks it’s funny. He loves BrainPop,  a kids website that has educational animations on any subject imaginable- because he finds it hilarious. He thinks the characters Tim & Moby and funny, but not Rita & Casey – so he won’t watch any of their films.


Cassius begged his Dad the other night to do some Madlibs with him. Madlibs is a word game where you’re asked to come up with words that are nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. to fill in the blanks of a  paragraph. You don’t know what the paragraph says before hand so of course it ends up sounding very silly. Cassius thinks it’s the funniest game in the world.

His Dad sat on the couch filling in the blanks while Cassius literally bounced in a circle coming up with words. This is where I admit that it was really driving me nuts and I told him to stay still several times. He continued to bounce (I don’t think he could stop if he wanted), and it occurred to me, “He’s learning grammer and he’s so happy about it he’s leaping with joy!” Then I had a vision of him in a classroom being forced to sit quietly and still in a desk all day and I thought, “If  bouncing helps you learn, bounce away!”

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