adventures in unschooling

KID Studies Centre


Cassius volunteered this week to participate in a study for the KID Studies Centre at UBC : Personality traits, Behaviour, and Social Perspective Taking. He did quite a few studies when he was a baby for the Infant Studies Centre.

“The study lasts about 60 minutes and is presented as a series of stories and games. These stories and games are commonly used in research to assess children’s ability to recognize what others are thinking and feeling.”

I didn’t get to watch but I had a look at the materials they used. I find empathy to be Cassius’ strong point – so I’m sure he found it very easy. He said it was really fun, and wants to do it again.

I found it funny because the whole thing was designed for kids who go to school. Many of the stories presented to him involved school. I had to fill out an hour questionnaire and most of the questions involved whether or not your kid wanted to go to school, whether he did his homework, and whether or not he gets upset when I leave him.

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