adventures in unschooling

Paris’ Favourite Words (age 2.5 years)

Toot toot!
This means train. He chants “toot toot ride”, “boat ride” and “bus ride” like a mantra.

That’s Cassius

Big Guy
That’s what he is. If you say the word baby or you’re a (insert anything here), He’ll say I a big guy! If you won’t let him do something, he throws himself on the ground protesting, I a big guy. He really wants to be big.

Nooooo Waaayyyyy!
This means No.

Okaaay Mom or Okaaay Dad
This means Yes, but just because I’m feeling generous.

Mow mow & Bow wow
Cat & dog respectively. This morning he said tittytat for kittycat. He also likes to pretend to be a dog, especially when we are walking down the sidewalk. I’ve actually had people ask me if he can walk.

Caaww Caaww
This refers to a crow or any other bird

I do it!
This means he wants to do it himself- it meaning everything.

A Bee
I kept thinking he was terrified of imaginary bee’s, then I figured out he was saying help me!

Rat can cook?!
He said this after watching Ratatouille. He seemed to be thinking if a rat can cook, so can I!

2 responses

  1. twotriplekayaks

    lucy and dexter are walking around giggling, talking about paris saying “rat can cook?” and talking about how funny babies are — they love that little guy! : )

    December 1, 2007 at 3:04 am

  2. jascairo

    That’s so funny. Those two sure are good with babies. Good thing!

    December 1, 2007 at 4:42 pm

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