adventures in unschooling

A Passion for Drawing

This is where Cassius wishes we lived

One of the most exciting things about homelearning, is when your kid develops a passion for something, and you can watch and help them as they follow it to their fullest ability. Cassius is spending all his time drawing. He has filled one sketch book and is onto another. He has a special set of pencils, erasers, and a sharpener, which he carries around with him everywhere, along with his book, so he can draw every chance he gets.

I’ve noticed that Cassius’ intense drawing has helped him in other areas as well. For example his writing ability is getting quicker and neater. Another thing I’ve observed is that he has been spending more time in imaginative play. This may not be connected at all to his drawing, but for some reason I feel that it is. It’s wonderful to watch your children lost in the world of their imagination. It’s such a short stage of life, and I’m glad Cassius has so much time to just play.

Imaginative play is easy to overlook, especially when you are always looking for “educational” activity. I have to record 25 educational hours for Self Design, the distance learning program Cassius is enrolled in. I’m surprised to find that I could easily record 50 hours even on weeks I felt he was doing nothing. Self-design considers play to educational – which is one of the great things about the program.

As a side-note, school kids may spend 25 hours a week in a classroom but they only spend 20% of that time “on task”, which works out to only 5 hours of learning a week.

telephone pole



car from thunderbirds

ice-cream truck

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