adventures in unschooling



Last week we went through the first ten pages in the Miquon book together. Cassius did the more advanced version of the first page , where you make your own addition equations. He really liked that he could see that his answer was right himself by checking with the rods. If he had the wrong number it was obvious because the rods didn’t line up. I noticed also that he didn’t have much trouble writing out the numbers – could it be all that drawing he’s been doing!?


Cassius asked me, if he filled in this number chart if could play on the computer for an hour. I told him that if he wanted to fill it in and reward himself for his hard work with some computer time he could – but I wasn’t going to make him to do it. (I know better that that!) At a few points he got so frustrated when he made mistakes, that I told him he could put it down and finish it later, but he persevered. He was so proud of himself and worked so hard that I didn’t even feel guilty that he was on the computer for an hour!

Cassius gave himself this reward, of computer time, to motivate himself to do something he found difficult. I think this is entirely different them me saying “If you do this, I’ll give you this”.

I had good reminder too that it is so much more exciting to discover things yourself, instead of being told. When he started to notice the patterns on the chart, I got so excited I jumped in and started pointing them all out. I completely confused him and he was nearly in tears with frustration, so I left him alone. A few minutes later he called me, “Look mom isn’t this neat!” and he pointed out everything that I’d been trying to show him.

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