adventures in unschooling

Librarian Poo

Cassius expressed his frustration with the library rules with a little self prescribed art therapy. The boys were being very respectful and quiet so I can see why he was upset with getting in “trouble.” I wasn’t surprised though because the librarian is a real dragonlady; even the adults are scared of her. Thankfully most librarians encourage kids to use the library.


Cassius’s Story: So, I was just standing next to my friend, Joe, watching him play on the Library computer while I was eating an apple. Then the Librarian Poo said “No Food!” and I had to give the apple to my Mom. When I came back the Librarian said , “there are a lot of rules for these computers, and one of them is, no standing behind the person on the computer.”

One response

  1. twotriplekayaks

    Dexter says “Is that REALLY the rule for the computer?”
    Lucy says “that librarian IS poo!”

    we’re flabbergasted as well.

    March 19, 2008 at 3:19 am

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