adventures in unschooling

Photography & Photograms

This winter we have learned a lot from things that haven’t worked out. Cassius and I took a beginner photography class together which I highly recommend for those interested in photography. The class was taught by Liisa Hannus, a local homeschooling mom at her studio delirium darkroom. Cassius was a bit younger than the recommended age for this class , but since he was so interested (and I insisted he was a genius and wouldn’t have any trouble!) she said he could give it a try.

After a few classes and some tears we realized it was far to technical for him. Cassius is interested in the artistic side of photography, but not ready for all the technical parts – which are hard for lots of adults to understand. Liisa recommended getting him a point and shoot ( he was using an old SLR) and letting him take lots of pictures just for fun.

I finished off the class with three ten year old boys, and now have a much better idea what all those dials and numbers on my camera are for. Liisa added a class onto the end that she thought Cassius would enjoy: photograms. Cassius and I had fun creating the pictures and developing them in the darkroom together.




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