adventures in unschooling

Games with Maps

For some reason our family seems to love playing games with big maps. We like to dream that one day we’ll get to travel to all places we visit on the boards.

Catan Histories: Struggle for Rome

This is our new favourite game inspired of course by Cassius’ interest in Rome. This is one of those games that you could leave out (if you didn’t have a Paris) and play for days.


In this game you get to visit and read about different famous locations around the world.

Cathedral World

This game doesn’t have a map but the pieces are different famous monuments from around the world. We were excited to discover that many of them are included as locations in Expedition.

Take Off

We haven’t actually played this game, but it has been recommended by many homeschoolers. It looks like it’s right up our alley to me. It’s suppose to be a good way to learn the names and locations of cities and countries.

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