adventures in unschooling

House Painting

The painting in these pictures happened when Tamara and I were sewing in the other room. They used ALL the paint about 20 pages of paper. (it was still cheaper than all of them talking an art class for an hour) They had an amazing amount of fun. We had been looking at Marla Olmstead’s (The now 5 year old painter) website earlier in the day and had noticed that she poured paint right onto the canvas. The kids decided to try it and loved it.

Anja kept exclaiming, “I’d forgotten how good paint feels on your hands! I haven’t done this in so long!”

At the next painting session the pouring started in earnest and we realize we really need to set that garage up. Maia and Kate did one that looked exactly like marbled paper. It was so wet and heavy- I threw it out, but seeing how well the other two dried I wish I had kept it.

A painting by Anja

A Painting by Anja

A Painting by Cassius
A Painting by Cassius

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