adventures in unschooling

P is for Paris

A much loved christmas present from Aunty Tara

A much loved Christmas present from Auntie Tara

Paris is now three and a half. He is still taking things apart, but has developed a new obsession as well: The Alphabet

When I first put on for him he couldn’t figure out how to use the mouse – but by two weeks later he had figured out not only how to turn the computer on himself, find starfall, work all the controls, and dump my hard drive into the trash – and he also managed to learn his alphabet too. I was a little worried about how much time he spent watching it – but had to admit his interest was high and he was learning super fast all on his own volition.

Just to make myself feel better I pulled out all the letter  puzzles, cards & magnets, that every unschooler has at the back of their closet. We started doing the puzzles together and reading the books and he is thrilled. I am amazed about how much somebody can talk about letters. He talks about them non-stop.

Paris asks me to put my finger under the word I am reading in his Dr.Suess books.

Paris has added the Cat in The Hat to his beloved list of cats.

Paris has added the Cat in The Hat to his beloved list of cats.

He is also interested in counting and has developed a very interesting strategy . He orders me the count things in a chant at the same time as him over and over again. He’ll count up to four then make the rest up but I can tell this is his way of figuring it all out.

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