adventures in unschooling

Timez Attacks

We discovered this game a few years ago – but they didn’t have a mac option. We checked it out the other day and they had a free Mac version 2-12X tables. Cassius loves it – all the kids do. Cassius who has never shown any interest in the multiplication was jumping and yelling out the answers! It’s wonderful to see the looks on the younger kids faces. I can tell they’re thinking, “Math is so cool – I can’t wait till I beat the troll too, like the big kids!”

Of course you can only have the cool environments if you pay for the upgrade, which we discovered when we reached  level three. Cassius convinced me to buy it. He was pleading to learn math, how could I say no? Now I wished I waited until he got to level five or six, so the novelty of the new environments would go farther. But who knows, it might keep his attention all the way to 12. He now knows his 2 and 3 X tables all the way to 12 and is working on the 4’s. So it is really working for him right now, and he is so proud of himself when he succeeds.

I’ve really noticed how much it helps him if I sit with him while he’s learning something new, and help him remember to breath and stay calm when he feels frustrated and afraid of failing ( or getting hit by a troll)! Once he’s got past this point he just takes off!

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