adventures in unschooling


Cassius and Paris went on a tour with Tamara, Maia & Kate  of the Russian tall ship

the Krusenstern docked in North van. It is the biggest tall ship in the world. It was a

beautiful sunny day and I was sad I left my camera at home. The ship was decked out
in flags and blaring Russian disco music. They have a disco at night-$29 dollars for a
martini and dancing. Needless to say Cassius opted out of the disco but did take the
 $8 tour.

Cassius:"It was really big. When I looked down into the engine room I wasn't expecting
it to be so deep. It was a hundred feet at least. We saw a little church for the crew, and
a museum of all the awards the ship had won in races. One of the awards shaped like
a bell said "Titanic". We looked down into the kitchen and they had humongous pots
and pans. The masts were 35 meters tall."

Paris:"I liked the flags and Tamara said, "See guys, this is the captain of the ship." The
ship was hooked up to the dock. A guy said "Lets get this boat going!" Captain Hook
was not there.

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