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Those Pesky Magnets

Here is a stop motion of Cassius trying to get some rare earth magnets off the fridge – Buster Keaton style.

Free UC Berkeley Lectures

The University of California Berkeley has put entire course lectures
on YouTube. You can watch all of the lectures from several different
courses for free. They are also planning on expanding the available

Why not to let toddlers watch “Flushed Away”


I found the following items stuck up my toilet drain last night:

1/2 a pencil

1 nail brush

1 contact lens case

3 tooth brushes

and last but not least:

A bottle of contact lens solution (120 ml)

The funny thing is the toothbrushes went missing a week ago, and the toilet was working fine until last night! Both Paris and Kaia informed us that they were “down toilet” with gleeful giggles, but the toilet flushed, so I thought the brushes were either long gone or somewhere else.

After a week I really wanted to brush my teeth so I put on a rubber glove and stuck my hand down the toilet. Just joking! I actually spent $65 (really $65 ugh!) on new toothbrushes and toothpaste the day before. I thought the electric ones would be harder to loose.

My question is what did they actually manage to flush away? Is that where Tyler’s cell phone went?

A Homeschool Family

“Oh, the misconceptions and realities of homeschool life, from comedian (and homeschool dad) Tim Hawkins. Tim plays the dad in the video and his wife, Heather, plays the mom. Half of the kids are theirs – the rest are friends”

The Chase Part I




Rome is another BBC/ HBO series that we really enjoyed. We watched two seasons in two weeks! Cassius is totally into Rome now and is going to be a Roman Centurion for Halloween. The week after we finished watching the series we had a no TV week and Cassius spent all his time reading about Rome in his Usborne History Encyclopedia.


The series is extremely well written. It really shows what the day to day life of a Roman would have been like. The story is also much more accurate than many past stories about Rome which have been portrayed on Film. Of course, I think they did take many dramatic liberties. And I wouldn’t recommend it for every kid; there’s lots of swearing, violence and sex in it. I love history, and a good story always inspires to me to go find out what really happened!