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Cassius and Paris went on a tour with Tamara, Maia & Kate  of the Russian tall ship

the Krusenstern docked in North van. It is the biggest tall ship in the world. It was a

beautiful sunny day and I was sad I left my camera at home. The ship was decked out
in flags and blaring Russian disco music. They have a disco at night-$29 dollars for a
martini and dancing. Needless to say Cassius opted out of the disco but did take the
 $8 tour.

Cassius:"It was really big. When I looked down into the engine room I wasn't expecting
it to be so deep. It was a hundred feet at least. We saw a little church for the crew, and
a museum of all the awards the ship had won in races. One of the awards shaped like
a bell said "Titanic". We looked down into the kitchen and they had humongous pots
and pans. The masts were 35 meters tall."

Paris:"I liked the flags and Tamara said, "See guys, this is the captain of the ship." The
ship was hooked up to the dock. A guy said "Lets get this boat going!" Captain Hook
was not there.

Knight camp #4

Here is a great little video my Uncle madeĀ  of Cassius’ most recent Knight Camp performance. Cassius really enjoyed himself this time, and commented that he could tell that all his hard work was paying off. He felt pretty good about defeating two of his teachers also.

Academie Duello Falconry

Cassius was generously offered a grant to attend Academie Duello’s Knight camp this summer. He was the only student taking the camp for the third time, so he got an hour a day of private falconry lessons. A mother described her son’s experience with the falcons to me as “life changing”, and I’d have to agree, it was amazing.

Cassius hasn’t got around to learning how to tie shoes yet, but now I know I don’t have worry since he can tie a one handed falconers knot with his eyes closed.

Cassius’ teacher said he would make a wonderful veterinarian, and of course he wants his own falcon now! I never expected Cassius’ love animals and love of fencing would meet.

Viking longboat

We had a lovely two hour sail in the sun last Saturday aboard The Munin, a half size replica of a 9th century Norwegian viking longboat. The Munin sails on weekends from the Heritage Harbour at the Vancouver Maritine Museum. The suggested donation is $10/adult, $5/kids or $20 for a family. It was more than worth it.

More information at (this website seems to be down right now,
but it is usually functioning)

It was a lot of work to row out into the harbour. Paris was sad at first that he couldn’t row, but once I got fired from my rowing post ( I pushed when I should have pulled one too many times) he felt a bit better. Once the beautiful sail was up we got going faster than the crew had ever gone before.

The Munin

A half size replica of the Gokstad ship.

Type: Viking longship
LOA: 40 ft
Built: 2001 (Launched 2001-07-07)
Owner: British Columbia Viking Ship Project
Lying: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Games with Maps

For some reason our family seems to love playing games with big maps. We like to dream that one day we’ll get to travel to all places we visit on the boards.

Catan Histories: Struggle for Rome

This is our new favourite game inspired of course by Cassius’ interest in Rome. This is one of those games that you could leave out (if you didn’t have a Paris) and play for days.


Knight Camp


This Spring Break Cassius attended knight camp again for the second time and was promoted from a Squire to a Man at Arms. This time round there were twice as many students. Cassius really noticed that he had to wait around a lot more than last summer. He had a new appreciation for small class sizes by the end of the week.

He did get some one on one teaching which he really enjoyed. At the week end presentation the director said that Cassius only had to be shown how to do something once and he did right the first time.

Little Romans