adventures in unschooling


Our Ultimate Tree Fort

our ulitimate treefort design

our ultimate tree fort design

We have a very rickety tree fort in our back yard that we we have dreams of rebuilding. Cassius was telling me his good ideas and Paris brought me a pen and paper and told me to draw it. So we all sat down and decided what we wanted together. This is a very rough design obviously. We know we want a drawbridge, trap door, two levels, zip line, a pulley lift, a ball run, a catapult & a sandbox.

We found some great books on the web and ordered them from the library.


Moving Day

We decided to hire a moving man to help us move to our new house – he was short but he worked hard!

home sweet home

Our new baby neighbour.

Three Legs to Stand On

 Now this is really starting to get out of hand!




While Cassius has been playing games Paris has been hard at work. When he hasn’t been leafing through Tractors of the World: 220 of the worlds great tractors, he’s been to breaking the toilet (again) and permanently locking the oven controls. But his favourite activity is to take the screws out of all of our toys, chairs, and cupboards. I don’t know where he finds the screwdrivers. I can never find one when I’m looking for one, and I don’t know where he’s hiding half the screws. If only I could get him to put the screws back in!


Merry Christmas 2007!


Cassius drew this with pencil, scanned it, then coloured it in with photoshop.

Chicken Helper

Paris collected, washed, & carried the eggs to the fridge this week. I was amazed at how careful and gentle he was. Three weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.

A Really Big Egg!

We got to bring home some eggs from UBC Farm, that were cracked or too big for the carton.  Cassius wanted to make them into a omelet when we got home. He cracked open the giant egg and two yokes fell out! “I was just going to say that egg was big enough for two,” Cassius exclaimed.

The big egg next to a regular large egg.